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The company

During a time when the economy is based on the information technology, the bureaucracy and the automation, there are still people that know what it means to hoe a vineyard or “perceive” the needs of a plant which is growing. It is not for waste to the modern lifestyle but for Marco and Adele it is simply their way of life. For more than 60 years, they have been cultivating their 4 hectares of vineyards – moving with the nature, like they have always done, taking care of every plant in every yearly season has the right type of attention, respecting the environment and the naturalness of the products.

Marco and Adele have two daughters: Marina, Primary School Teacher at the School of La Morra and Nadia, who after years of working in an external company, in 2000 year decided to give an hand to her parents to develop the family business.

The maximum attention is put in all the production’s phases.

This means that from the beginning of the cultivation, we use products which are not chemically treated preferring to use natural manure, tools to cut the grass, pheromones traps instead insecticides, and the sulfur and copper as a base to cure various pathologies.
The limitation of quantity produced gives a better grape and avoid the attrition of a plant which also results to be stronger.

vini curtoThe grapes are harvested and selected by hands in small airy boxes, for maintain the freshness. The case, where is possible, are picked up andp1570945442-4 transported from the row to the tractor with an electric cart, so the smog of the tractor doesn't settle on the grapes.

During the vinification we use stainless still tanks with manual punching down and also a rotofermenter, an horizontal container with a shovel inside to keep the must in movement for give an intense aromatic extraction. The fermentation takes place without adding external yeasts and the wines are not filtered or fined, in order to express the best of its territorial origin.

The most important wines are Barolo La Foia, produced with long maceration, pumping over and manual pressing and aging in large barrels, following the traditional style of Marco, and Barolo Arborina whose vinification follows the modernist style learned by the uncle Elio Altare, brother of Adele, with less production in the vineyard, shorter maceration and passage in small barrels. Two interpretations from the same hill of Arborina that make the work of the producer more and more stimulating and intriguing.